Since mobile devices are where over half of all emails are read, you want to make sure your mobile email signature looks good – just like your email signature when sent from a desktop computer.  Here is a solution to make your email signature, particularly the images, optimized for mobile.

Use an HTML email signature on mobile devices.

Using an HTML email signature on mobile devices insures that the images – company logo, social media icons, video – all appear consistently at the right size ratio for the device on which they’re displayed.  

Follow these simple steps to create an HTML signature.

1.  Create your email signature in an email client that supports HTML (e.g. Outlook or Gmail).  Add your name, contact information, company logo, social media icons, video, legal disclaimer – whatever you or your company likes to include.

2.  Send a blank email to yourself and open it on your mobile device.  This email will have your email signature in HTML.

3. Tap on a part of your email signature that is not linked.  Press and hold on this text until the pop up menu appears.  Choose Select All and Copy.  Now, you have a copy of your HTML email signature.

4.  Go into your mobile device’s Settings to Signature.  Delete any existing text or images.  Then press and hold the Signature space until the menu pops up.  Tap Paste and your new HTML signature is inserted.  

5.  If you’re using an Android device, skip this step.  

If you’re using an ioS device, at this point in the process the email signature will appear reformatted.  Don’t panic!  iOS automatically adds its own coding to the HTML source of the email signature. Simply shake your iPhone or iPad to trigger the Undo Change Attributes menu and select Undo.  You’ve now successfully returned to the original HTML formatting.

6. You can now go into your Mail app and do a trial email to confirm that the email signature and images are formatted properly.  

7.  Repeat this process on each of your mobile devices.  (If you’re trying to set multiple devices so that email signatures are consistent for an entire company, you may want to use a software tool, like Exclaimer.)

You did it!  Your mobile email signature is optimized for viewing on all mobile devices.  

Bjorn Peterson is the Owner of Flex Business Capital.   Flex Business Capital offers small businesses factoring financing to solve cash flow problems without debt, so they can focus on growth and success.  Apply for funding for your company here.